Toll Processing

Chicago Steel is a leader in the toll processing industry. We are proud to offer a wide breadth of processing capabilities, including tension leveling, slitting, cut-to-length and many others. 

Below is more information on each of our toll processing services:

tension levelingTension Leveling

Tension Leveling is the process of pulling the strip beyond its yield point to permanently change the shape of the strip and make it flat. Chicago Steel will tension level a wide variety of products.

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We have multiple slitters in our plant, each set up to provide you with a quality end-product. Our slitter specifications and capabilities were updated in the first quarter of 2020. 

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Chicago Steel’s 60″ Precision Blanking Line will process from .024″ through .125″ in widths from 17″ through 60.5″ & in lengths up to 192″.

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toll processingStorage

Chicago Steel is proud to offer its customers warehousing space. Reach out to advise on your storage requirements.

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toll processingAdditional Services

Chicago Steel offers many other services that can provide value-added proposition to your business.

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